I know you must be regretting your decision of mailing me.  You must be  thinking that you have just poked an already mad women.  First, I want  to  apologise for writing in that manner. Please don’t get angry with me.

Why  do you think I kept on mailing you? My  heart always expected a reply while mind always answered in  negative. 

Do you even  realise the  number of  times I have read  your  mail?  I thought I dreamt  about your mail and then  I kept  on  reading  it throughout the  day  to  remind myself that  I wasn’t dreaming.  I know  each  and  every line,  each and every  comma of  that  mail.  I have literally by-hearted it. 

Thanks for  the  mail and if  you  can  do write to  me  ‘again’…

I will wait for you  mail…

For once let’s not pretend that you won’t read this and if you do I won’t know…

I have been really  stressed out these days and hence,  “super dramatic”.  Writing to  you has been the my only excursion. You  know  the  kinds of  writings I am writing.  One  to  you, for  you,  and third,  to reach you.  Writing for reaching you is the most difficult  task.  It  is  taking toll on  my  health.  But,  then I think about the alien land where you  live and everything seems find.  Now tell me why would I perform all this farce.  Just  to  reach  you. 

Still I do not  expect  you  to  meet me  but,  then it is always heart which says, why shouldn’t I ???


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