Let me start with a declaration today. An announcement. There is a huge turn in my novella from here onwards. What if tell you that my story remains same but my muse has changed. What if I tell you there is this new guy whom I recently met and who has become a very important part of my literature. My first impression of him wasn’t that impressive, in fact disappointing. He behaved kiddishly, talked nonsense. I was so irritated that I wrote a mail to my last muse. But….
I met him for the second time and everything changed. He is not an idiot like I thought. In fact, he is very mature. Full of life. Full of energy. Too much energy. A hyperactive child. It was interesting to know that someone else can also be as passionate like me…
I love him for what he is. He fills me with his own energy. When I left, I just asked, “What should I get for you ?”. He gave me a reply that made me laugh for an hour.
Btw he doesn’t appreciate literature. I mean I don’t even think he understands. But then for me he is literature. And then I think, how does it matter, even the last muse who understood literature never appreciated it. So, how does it really matter ? I always thought literature is to move people. To fill people with emotions. But, till now nothing has happened… No one moved… The universe wasn’t disturbed…Atleast, he doesn’t pretend, he doesn’t pretends that he understands….He isn’t pretentious….Like others…
My new muse is love…

He is passion. He is happiness. And me…I am just… totally into him…

Totally addicted…

But, now the question is …
What will happen to my old muse ?


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