This post is only for adults…so, kiddo if you still are not comfortable talking dirty, don’t read it ! Today, I am in a mood to have fun and not be moralistic and censor my own writing…

Do you remember, once we talked about orgasms and how men come every-time they do, while women are so unlucky 😦 Its so difficult for women to Come. There are number of things which go in a woman’s mind. They are not easy to woo. You can’t even understand the things which turn them on and turn them off.

You can’t imagine how many times I have Come just thinking about you. You don’t know how many times your name has made me wet. I have imagined your curls number of times just to make myself reach climax !

The other day, I was watching DEVD and I realised why I have been so crazy for you ! You look so much like my all time favourite crush Abhay Deol (without dimples ) I don’t Know why but throughout the movie, I was high imagining you doing all, what Dev did to Paro.

You know I just hate you for making me so vulnerable and weak. And proving Sheldon right ! “Women are slaves to their biological urges” !

And then I imagine what happens when two people who hate each other make love !!!


Certain things should be only between me and you !

isn’t ?


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