You know sometimes it’s really painful to know that you don’t matter in any person’s life.  You never existed for them.  You were never there.  Never! Whatever you do,  how much you cry,  beg,  plead,  you won’t matter. The most terrible thing is even if you stop existing on this planet tomorrow,  they will never come to know because for them you never existed in the first place…

In this world of virtual friendships,  there are times when I crave for real friends,  companions.  How much I try,  how much I want to believe, I find people on social media,  hollow,  fake,  there is something which just doesn’t come from inside… And then there are moments when I want to give all these hundreds of so – called friends for one real friend. 

Sometimes I think,  how easy it is for people to forget. How easy it is for them to have dementia. How easy to not remember the times you have spent with other people….

And then I think… There is definitely something wrong with me… May be world is supposed to be like this… A forgetful world… World suffering from dementia… This is how it is… May be this is how it should be…

This is normal…
I am abnormal! 


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