“Why cant’t you just move on?, I have moved on, why cant you move on?”

I have been thinking about this concept of “moving on” and trying to understand why do people have this fetish of moving on? Are people afraid of commitments of any sort? of friendships? Of love? Of happiness? Of being liked and loved by someone else? I am not talking about being in a dead relationship of any kind, whether its love or friendship. I am talking about not parting amicably, not giving a closure to one person, not resolving issues etc. I think people nowadays are so weak mentally that they cannot handle purge of emotions, they cannot bear any pain.

Howver, how do people move on ? Do they stop thinking about the person? Do they stop loving/liking him? His/Her importance suddenly is all gone? Means what really happens?

I am trying to convert this into a short story with the basic premise, what if, you were living in a world where friendships/ love do not have any meaning? What if you are not allowed to love?

So, kiddo this is for you :*


It was time…

She wanted to remain with him but couldn’t. The love-watch on her wrist was making an intolerant noise. She held her tears back. She wasn’t allowed to cry, the soldiers in dull-grey-coloured uniform were taking a round. Her time was over. She couldn’t even kiss him back. The alarm of her love-watch now started shouting in a highly anglicized women’s voice, “Move on! Move on! Move on!…”. Now, everyone around her could see that she hasn’t moved on. That she has exceeded her quota of 48 hours with a single man. She felt humiliated and left the place.

This is Year 2500…


Wait for the complete story, Coming soon…J






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