The Survivor

You were the spark

Which lit the cigarette I was addicted to

You were the ambers

Of my Hookah

Which I always desired

To smoke sitting

Around that tree

Outside Mandi House

The addiction of my chai

Which you knew

I can’t do without

You were the muse

I always wanted

For you

I forgot the sadness

I had In my life

Created by others

Created by me

I forgot

That simple spelling of ego

And swore to never learn it

I forgot

The differences we had

and those

similarities we never had

I forgot

What all I have forgotten

And blessed my amnesia

But then you reminded

Me that there is this


Which exists between you and me

The “I”

Which refused to listen to all my reasons and submissions

The “I”

Which refused to see the tsunami I had in my eyes

When me met on that unfortunate day

There have been hours, days and months

Which I spent attached to my bed

Dangerously unseparated from

My quilt and pillows

Which listened to my repeated stories and accusations


Eerily read each and every character of

My old diary


Invited me to see what I have all gone through

To show me my Self

To remind me what am “I”

And now,

It’s time!

Its time

To tell

You and others

To announce to everyone


I have survived, deaths, casualties, failures, headaches, hairfalls, cramps, pains in my life


I can easily…very…very…easily …survive you!


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