But, then do you know I also feel something else … You are not free…You have restricted yourself… You have limits… Love…Love is limitless…It is infinity…Love is not easy… It is liberating.. It makes you free… It is revolutionary… It is rebellious… You are not close to anything what love requires you to be … You know till now, what is the most rebellious act you have done?

Touching me in the cinema hall… Throughout…With your fingers…Btw there is one more…Something which you did with words…

“So what happened after I undid your strap?”, Remember ? There haven’t been many moments in which I am speechless…But, this was the one…

You know that was one of the most beautiful day of my life… Thanks ! for that day. I know you got bored. But, sweetheart I was totally caged in your hypnotic aura, it was impossible for me to come out it :*

You know how you have to be in love. Just like your sketch…Remember, the one I named “The Dancing Cinderella”. You know why I loved it so much? It was free ! It was flying ! You can’t imagine how flying feels…I have felt in my dreams…I have flown so many times…That feeling is exhilarating…It is next to nothing…That was what I felt when I saw your sketch !

You need to be free Kiddo !

Wishing you all success :* :*


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