50th post of the novella ! I mean, wow ! Didn’t think I would actually be able to write this much…. But, then you were the inspiration ! You know it is very strange I have never written this much for anyone… I have written a lot for different people at different times…It’s odd, I mean I don’t know how should I explain it… I have thought many times to stop writing…to write for someone else…to change my muse altogether…I have lied to people that I have written for them…I really don’t know why this happened ? I feel a connection with you… I don’t know what it should lead to…what I want it to lead to…I don’t know anything…neither I think about it…The only thing I know is , whenever I want to write I just think about you and words just start flowing like as if some ghost is typing on my mac… Sometimes I think is this what people call as inspiration ? How people just get mesmerised and start writing endlesslessly …I don’t claim to be a writer nor do I have any ambitions…It’s just that I feel so happy when I write for you…I feel happy when you read them…Bloody hell ! It’s such a turn on when you read them ! Good…you are not here if you would have read them in front of me, I would have definitely fainted …You know I write things and forget…I cannot write it again…if you ask me to write any of my poem again…I can’t …I haven’t pondered over them for hours or days…they just come out…it’s just that I think about writing a poem …then think about you and something just comes out…Even when I decide to write a post, I think about you and just type…

You know two years ! I mean what you called as “fixation” has lasted this long…So, who is responsible ? You the muse or me the writer ???

To celebrate this we should definitely end it with a song…isn’t ? Btw after a long time, heard a version of this song…loved it..its on loop now and today, after recovering in a week danced madly on the original 😉

To You, Kiddo (The muse) With mad kisses ;*



The new one…

From me,  (the mad writer) with mad kisses ;*…Do listen to lyrics ! I really mean them ;*


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