Do you know

When Israel blocks

Gaza’s food from entering its boundaries

The world that time blocks its ears 

From hearing the cries and shrieks of hungry children 

Do you know

When America blocks 

Some people from entering its land 

Whose lands it bombed

And the world blocked its eyes 

From seeing the sights 

Of blood-splattered-mutilated-exploded bodies 

Do you know

When India blocks

Pakistanis to enter its land 

And Indians block their minds 

While protesting

When Trump

Does the same 

Do you know

When the State 

Blocks grants and scholarships 

To universities and schools 

To block the young minds from thinking

And the whole world does not block itself 

From singing the praises of a nation 

That is the time 


Think, interrogate & question 

Smile, giggle & laugh

Your understanding, restriction & limitation 

Of blocking 


Only me 


What’s App 



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