He turns 29 today! Last of the 20’s & beginning of 30. Wow! Next year I will welcome him into the 30 club!!! You know he hasn’t realized that when he met me, he was 26, completed 27 the very next month. Time flies faster than we think! Birthdays are amazing! Throughout the year you wait for them, celebrate the day with all lavishness and next day turn sad for becoming old, losing one more year of your life 😉 Ha! Ha! No! No! not everyone thinks in the same manner! At least on his birthday I should not force him to think this way 😉

So, the news is… He mailed me today!!! After lot of apprehensions, multiple hesitations, I wished him early morning…Actually I wanted to wish him on the dot but then calculating the time according to the different time zone and my sleep didn’t match, so I got up early and did this first thing in the morning  …and he replied back with smiley having a nose, so I am happy…But yeah, I am not able to express it much with all the pain I am having in my back, with odd kind of taste in my mouth and feelings of killing multiple people at the same time, beheading loads of people like in Game of Thrones ! (Yeah! You guessed it right! I am down! and I will slap one more woman who talks about equality and says no! we are not down, woman you don’t know what I go through! So, Shut the fuck up! …another discussion another time, today, only birthday !!!!)

Happy Birthday darling!!! 🙂

Now, I am thinking what was I doing on my 29th???

I have been thinking about sharing this song for very long…I have been through multiple depressions in the last 2 years and recently, when I had one more bout of sadness this was the song I kept on listening and I believe this is something which brought me back …This song I don’t know for what reason reminds me of Eliot’s ‘The love song of J. Alfred prufrock’

Listen and Enjoy !!!

To You (On your budday) :*


From Me :*


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