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Home , New Delhi 2017

What is art? who is an artist? Is art for the select few and not for everyone ? Should it be called as art if you are not able to explain to everyone ?

Can we sell art? This is a question which has been bothering me a lot. I remember I used to poke M who writes beautiful poetry to get it published or to send them to any contest, he always refused. I scolded him many times for being archaic and not moving with the times. Why shouldn’t artist sell their works? That is also their labour. They shouldn’t be called mercenary if they want to sell their work. You know what did he tell me, that these poems are not just poems but a part of him. They are his babies. How can anyone sell his own babies? That time I couldn’t understand but now, when I tried to do the same, send my poems for a contest or publication, I couldn’t select even one. Every poem I selected, it brought back memories, the time, my own feelings and I just couldn’t do…

I think there is a difference between how we produce art professionally, for private purposes or anonymously. But, I do believe no art is complete without an audience. There is an inherent desire to be appreciated. We construct something and want it to be complemented or critically analysed. Art produced privately has a purpose of individual growth, for improvement, emotionally, mentally…

In the world of Commons, Libgen, blogs, I consider artists are the one who make their work accessible to all. They do not suffer from the complexes or insecurities of losing their ‘work of art’. They are confident of producing more, infinite number. However, I do not mean that they should not sell but these artists have the ability of producing works catering to different audience and with different priorities…

Before ending, one more thing, writers like me, to create content use exaggerated emotions, appreciations, complements… for my writing I have to believe that the subject of my content is best in terms of beauty, intellect, art, these things are not close to real…

When I call someone my muse, it is not the muse in reality, in person who exists, there might be certain shades but it’s an exaggeration of what I would I like a person to be. So in reality muse doesn’t exist …

Never forget, Poets are the best liars…

(Have changed the cover page of my novella for a change ;))


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