toxic 2_37

This is something I wrote long time back…I think in 2015…Completed it today… Enjoy !


In your life time, you might have seen or heard about different kinds of killers. Yes, people who kill the other beings. These are very common killers about whom everyone knows. In fact, with the kind of newspapers, literature etc we read and news channels we see, we already have some kind of preconceived notions and image of these killers. However, today I want to bring to your attention a very un-stereotypical breed of Homo Sapiens who are commonly found near the innocent common conversation-makers.
These beings are called Conversation-killers…
These beings are very charming to look at. Attractive at first glance. They would woo you with their intelligence. And as soon as they sense that you are under their awe they start killing the conversation. They would bring dead-end to every line you say. Every small talk you make they would just murder it. This is what they like to do. This is what gives them pleasure.  Sadistic pleasure.
You need to be beware of these people !
Have you met this killer yet ?

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