What to do when you are doing world’s boring job, while mercury soares at 44 degree Celsius? Heat waves burn your skin, drops of sweat have already wetted you from inside.  Your feet are burning so much that in front of everyone, you have just removed your shoes and sitting like Buddha while the senior colleague of yours gives you evil looks. During this time you also watch a sprinkler, sprinkling water in the garden far away and you just want to leave everything, run & drench yourself in.

It’s so hot today that I think Doomsday would be very shy to exist even mythically….  One thing I most hate about my job is examination duty especially when you have to make small talks with a colleague who looks like a hawk. A room full of sweaty, boring, disturbed, perplexed young girls who do not even cheat! what is the fun in giving this duty if everyone is so disciplined, quite and full of concentration???  That’s also the reason I have always loved co-ed institutions. Boys know how to cheat.  They will definitely try to keep the invigilator on their toes.  But then,  why should we blame girls for not adding that entertainment in our lives? Isn’t it what societial upbringing does it to them? Where girls are brought up in a restricted, caged, madly disciplined atmosphere while boys are taught that they can get away with everything! They are free,  independent, go wherever they want to,  whenever they want to,  pursue whatever they like while girls have limitations everywhere…. Just everywhere !!!

Khair,  only half of my time has passed while my skirt seems to be dipped in some sweaty water… But as always writing helps…  Brings back sanity into my life when insane things are happening around…

So just write 😀


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