So I just thought of writing when I am like high…  So here it is,  instead of messaging random people who do not care for me,  I thought of writing here… You can’t even imagine how many corrections I have made.  You know what happens when you are high.  You just want to Fuck.  Any one.  Not exactly anyone.  Ppl with whom you are close.  With whom,  you consider yourself close.  You are just high.  With your legs giving up.  With that tingling sensation.  Something happening in between those legs…  You smoke and eat to calm yourself down…  To forget everything…. Even the young guy having those long curly hair sitting next to you with his girl friend…  Ahhhh  so much for bloody morality…  Just Fuckkkkkk everything!!!! OK I just want to publish it right now! Like right now with my half mind working…


Just publish!!!


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