toxic 2_37

I am very irritated . I can’t explain how irritated I am. Day before yesterday I started a story. It was all there in my head when I was called for dinner. I was in no mood to eat and just wanted to complete my story. The problem is whenever something comes in my mind, I have to write there and then itself otherwise I just lose it. It’s difficult to get back then. The whole story was there in my mind, now I Can’t recollect. Can’t complete in the way I wanted to before. However, I have completed it but I don’t think it is what I wanted to write. The problem with me is, after I write something I can’t change it. I have to publish it. I don’t like to sit on my work. I am too impatient. So, read and enjoy !

Keep it in mind this is not what I wanted to write, but the real story is lost in time…

(Btw even P didn’t like it  😦  )



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