The Time Thief

That night seemed different.  After a long time, I was out partying with ‘A’ and ‘M’.  Like always, we were in our favourite pub ‘Social ‘.  It was Saturday night and we were finding it so hard to get a seat.  Social was all crowded, bubbling with people. Young guys and girls. Drinking, smoking, smoking up, eating and dancing.  After an infinite wait, we got a seat outside in the smoking area.  It was a very beautiful night.  A full moon night. A breath-taking view of Hauz Khas Lake which shone comprising rippled reflections of moon waited at our table. We took our seats.  We were about to order food when ‘A’ suddenly sneaked out a joint from his pocket.


“Guys! Do you want to have it or not? Don’t look at me like as if I am the only one who wants it! ”


” Can we just order some food before and I want a beer too! “, I shouted.


” Why both of you are always fighting? Can we once for a decide on something?”, M interrupted.


” You know what?  I am just ordering, both of you do whatever, I don’t care! “.  I shouted again.


Saying that I called waiter.  A very handsome young guy came to take our order.


” Can I eat him? “, I whispered in M’s ear.  M smiled and asked me to order.  I


made faces and ordered for a Caeser salad, Tiffin and yes of course a pint of Kingfisher beer.


” What do you guys want to drink? “.  I asked.


” Order a Guava juice for me! “, M said.   “For me too”, added A.


“Can we have a joint now??? “, A asked irritatingly.


” Yes! Yes! Let’s start”, the impatient me refused to wait.


All of us took one drag each before the handsome waiter came and A hid the joint under the table. He smiled at us and placed our order on the table. M gave me judgemental looks and nodded his head.  I ignored him and started looking at the beautiful Hauz Khas lake.  Moon looked so splendid. So enchanting. So mesmerising.   Reflection of moon on the lake was more sublime than the real moon….


I was enjoying the view when suddenly I saw something in the lake.  It wasn’t clear what exactly it was. I tried to focus my eyes and Alas! My lens moved from my eyeball, again! Shit! Wearing lens is the most difficult thing on earth. I hate these lenses! I adjusted my lens and tried to see towards the lake. The thing started moving towards the area where water was luminescent by the moon.  something was really there. Yes! Yes! I can see it now. Fuck! why it looks like a human? Oh my god! she is a woman!!! It was so clear in the light of the moon now. My eyes widened and I try to place her in conscious state of my mind. Suddenly I felt I could see her eyes, I felt as if those eyes were seeing me. Yes! My god! She is looking at me!!! Those empty, haunting eyes!!!


I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!

Who is she???


Suddenly, there was a pat on my shoulder. “Hey! do you realise that you have eaten everything, finished off ten pints and smoked up two full joints till now!!! What has happened to you??? Are you ok?” M was looking at me with curiosity while my mind was buzzing… When did all this happen??? I don’t remember anything!!! I was watching the lake a moment back and that thing moving and now they say…


I unlocked my phone to see the time. It was 12 AM. What???  It was 8 PM just a minute back. How did this happen? Music became loud. Everyone was dancing on the dance floor. Last hour of the pub, everyone is drunk. No one is in their senses. Half of the population is puking while others are falling over each other. I am still not able to place my last four hours! What is happening with me? I felt pukish and tried to distract myself looking at the lake. In my boggled state of mind, I totally forgot what I was looking at. I tried to look for that woman but there wasn’t anything, just the water with ripples on which moon was shining brightly…


It was 12: 30 AM and after being literally pushed out of the pub, everyone was sitting outside on the stairs, smoking. I still wasn’t able to understand anything. M and A were zoned out. I was in my senses even after having so much drink and joints. Where did those four hours go ???


“I think I need to leave. I will drop you both” I declared. M and A were more than happy.


I drove and dropped both of them but, the numerous questions were still there in my mind. What just happened?


I came home. Changed my clothes and went to sleep.


Around 4:30, I felt somebody woke me up, I still could sense those eyes. There wasn’t anything. But, those eyes refused to leave my mind. Should I talk to A and M about this tomorrow? But, who would believe me? Both of them said that I was very lively today, I was too talkative. Why would they believe me? I need to distract myself. I need to do something. I can’t sleep. I think I should write something. I opened my laptop. I don’t know why I felt as if Someone was asking me to write something…. I sensed something next to me… nothing was there however… I don’t know but I did scribble something… It seemed someone dictated me … something… I wanted to stay awake but my eyes refused to stay open. Reluctantly, I went to sleep.


It was 11 AM. I was in the library placing things on my desk. Last night in Social still refused to leave my mind. How did I lose time? And those eyes…


Forget it! I need to finish off my paper before deadline. Thinking that, I opened my laptop. A word file was already open. Something was written on it. It looked like a short story. I tried to remember. But couldn’t recollect much….



I started reading… It was a mythical legend about …


The Time Thief…


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