A Room of One’s Own


I won’t say, I am a voracious reader. I am addicted to books but it is difficult for me to stay with one book for very long. I am too restless. Every time I start a book, I either get lost in my own thoughts or just get bored with it. There are not many books which can grab my attention, I am too choosy… But, when they do, they stay with me forever (Like men ;)) … Reading book is like making love… a beautiful process which involves a mixture of conscious & unconscious mind, logical & illogical syntagms, roughness & softness, creation of those packet of memories which can be used in lonely times, in times of sadness…

Recently, for a paper, I took to reading Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own. I would like to confess, I bought this book in 2015, while teaching a a paper on Women’s studies but, as like other books, it just decorated my library and couldn’t fascinate me enough, for me to grab and make love to it…

I knew Virginia Woolf, a modernist writer…a feminist…she just reminded me of stream of consciousness…Till this book… I haven’t read Virginia Woolf… Mrs Dalloway was one of the three books I left in my graduation…Every time I took Mrs Dalloway, I got so lost for no reason and couldn’t go further …

But, then few days back I started A Room of One’s Own and… I can’t explain, how much I could relate to Woolf…her ranting… her thoughts…her everything… seemed mine.

After a long time I have finished a book… errr… made love to a book… & it seems she has just rejuvenated my love for books and of course my unconditional loyal love for her…

……. Writing this over my collection of music on Youtube just took away the depressing and restless mood I was in …Can’t define how soothing…relaxing this is…

I would definitely like to talk about the book too… Wait for my next post !!!


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