toxic 2_37

It’s already two years and my 75th post !!! Was listening to Piku’s songs and suddenly remembered you. Don’t know why ? May be because we discussed about it and you said you loved this movie. But, seriously, two years ???

So many things might have changed without us realising it. Earth has already revolved around Sun twice. Summers and winters came and left, twice. People might have got married, married might be having children. So many people graduated…. There are countless things which have changed…

Should I use the cliche? Only change is constant…

So many things might have changed in us too. even what we had… what we have…memories are blurring with the faces diminishing… countless faces are being added to the memory, fighting for a space…what happens when present becomes memory? When it becomes history? What is happening to your memory ?

We like both Stars and Sun? Sun is like Present. When it is constantly there daily in our lives, we don’t  like it. Craving for our own space in shade… When Sun is not present then we desire it… Praying for it…

Stars are like memories… when they are far.. they twinkle…calming us… they are beautiful…more far they are, more they twinkle.. But they are always there… None other than Supernova can destroy them… But, even supernova kills them after giving us infinite amount of light… How a memory dies with the blast of multiple explosions of memories…emotions…

You are a star in my life … You are there… twinkling… beautifully…

Hope supernova never comes…


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